About Us

AMT Motorsport was born out of necessity in 2015.  While building a C5 Corvette race car to compete with NASA in the Super Touring series, we found that most of the parts we were buying from other companies were not engineered and built to the standards of our own CNC company Advanced Manufacturing Techniques.  Poor fitment, poor finish quality, poor instructions, and poor design ran rampant in a lot of the aftermarket accessories that were used in the development of the race car.  We saw an opportunity to build parts that met the standards we were familiar to upholding - standards required by the aerospace and medical industries that we've served for over 30 years.

While most of our competitors prefer to outsource machining of their own parts, actually making things is the cornerstone of our business. Our products are designed in CAD and machined on modern CNC equipment by machinists with decades of experience in our own 10,000 square foot facility.  Every part that you buy is first tested in the firey crucible of competition on the #265 AMT Motorsport C5Z.  If we don't feel we can make it better than the competition we don't bother to make it.  We are not in business to offer the cheapest solution to any problem.  Our only goal is offer the best solution.

Quality and service are the principles that guide AMT and we hope that is evident in our product and your experience.  We look forward to the opportunity to make you and your car faster and safer.  See you at the track! 

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