Replacement kit for all C5/C6 stock rubber bushings in all 16 locations of your control arms with precision-machined aluminum housings, 7075-aluminum ears, and the best spherical bearings in the business - the Radial RWT-10. Read More Below
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Note: Please see available upgrades options for your ball joints and shock mounts below.

AMT Motorsport is proud to introduce our Monoball Control Arm Bushing kit for all C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes. This kit replaces the stock rubber bushings in all 16 locations of your control arms with precision-machined aluminum housings, stainless steel ears, and the best spherical bearings in the business - the Radial RWT-10.

If you're searching for the elusive "go-kart" handling characteristics for your race car, spherical bearings are perhaps the first suspension upgrade you should consider. The factory rubber bushings are extremely gushy in order to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness from a street car. They also cost almost nothing to produce and to install. Factory rubber bushings are more than adequate for 99% of cars that live their lives on the street. However they "numb" the driver from feeling the track. The soft rubber dulls every movement of the suspension and turn of the steering wheel. The rubber deteriorates over time and on a serious track car will start to extrude itself from the control arms. This will destroy your alignment and your tires in a matter of minutes on track.

Spherical bearings eliminate all of the shortcomings of rubber on a track-focused vehicle. The car will feel razor sharp on the track as the car will react immediately to your driving inputs. The car no longer has to wait for the stock rubber to compress while changing direction. Tires last longer and perform better with proper alignment settings since the camber value does not change due to deflection of rubber bushings. The trade off for all the increased performance of spherical bearings is of course cost and harshness. You will feel every surface imperfection in the track, which means you will feel every pothole and frost heave on the street. Good shocks will smooth out some harshness on the street, but this is not a modification we recommend for a street-only car. Some people love having spherical bearings on their commuter car, but it's not something that we at AMT would enjoy.

The price of this kit includes all service of your control arms.  This does not include any service or replacement of the ball joints that are pressed into your spindles.

All you need to do is remove your control arms and send them to us. We'll press out all your rotten old bushings. We measure every bore in your control arms and custom machine our bearing housings from 6061-T6 aluminum for a perfect fit. The ears are made from 7075-aluminum and the upper control arm trunions are made from hardened 17-4PH stainless steel. All of these parts are machined to within a .0005" tolerance to ensure that everything fits together perfectly and performs with rock solid precision.  We then test fit every assembly in our in-house cradles and custom machined jigs.  We guarantee that your control arms will fit on your car when you receive them back, and if they don't we'll make new parts and ship them right out to you.  You will not need to get out the drill or dremel to make these parts work on your car. Price includes shipping back to your location. Turnaround time from the time we receive your control arms is about 2-3 weeks. Every piece of this kit is 100% Made in the USA.

We put together a video highlighting the whole manufacturing process of this kit. We're quite proud of the work that goes into these things so if you'd like to see how it's done please click here.

Guarantee - All machined parts are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle. Bearings are guaranteed for 5 years for the original owner.

Please do not anodize, coat, or paint your arms (for aesthetics) before sending them to us.  While we are always careful, mistakes or a drop can happen.  We are not responsible for correcting any blemishes in the aesthetics of your arms caused during handling (if you had them beautified before sending them to us).

Additional Options/Upgrades

The below options are available and are recommended.  If you wish to purchase these options, please either let us know in your order comments (during checkout) or contact us by email or phone.

Replacement General Motors ball joints - $25 per joint

We recommend the replacement of these 4 ball joints during our process so your newly modified arms are working at their best and remove any diminished performance from old and worn ball joints.  To be clear, these are the 4 ball joints that are pressed into the arms, *not* the (different) ball joints that are pressed into your spindles.

Shock Mount Bushings - Delrin Bushings - $135 per pair

If you're taking the time to tighten up your suspension with spherical bearings in the arms, we'd recommend replacing the pair of stock shock mount bushings in them as well.  Our first option are delrin bushings that will be stiffer than stock to squeeze little more 'go kart' feel into your suspension.  This is a good option for double duty street/track cars.

Shock Mount Bushings - Spherical Bearings - $315 per pair

The second option is to replace the pair of shock mounts with more spherical bearings.  You probably already know (else you wouldn't be reading this) that the ball bearings will allow better geometry actuation and yet have the stiffest feel.  We've had nothing but good comments from customers who have opted for these shock mounts.  We only recommend this option for strictly track cars.

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