The Power of Community

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TL:DR - The motorsports community is filled with the most generous, caring, and supportive people you will ever meet in your life. This article speaks to some specific instances of people who have affected the life of myself and my family after my near-fatal accident in May 2021. I released a documentary about my accident called "Survival" in February of 2022 and it was passed around quickly throughout the ranks of the motorsport community. The support for the video and my message of safety has been overwhelmingly positive. Instructing, driving-legend, and all around awesome guy Ross Bentley saw it and...
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TL:DR - I always wrote off those silly gas pedal extensions as tools for old guys who couldn't figure out how to heel/toe. That or they were for waxers who wanted to dress up their interior - right after they got done air brushing a mural on the underside of their hood.  Once I made one to accommodate my brother in my own car I realized there's an actual verifiable performance advantage on track.   Pedal Placement The Corvette engineers did many things right when they scrapped the C4 for the completely redesigned C5 in 1997.  One thing they could have considered...
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Welcome to the AMT Motorsport blog!  I've never done one of these before so accept my apologies if it takes me a little while to get up to speed with the whole process.We decided a blog would be a better in-depth way to connect with our customers, friends, and racing fans.  You can only get so much information from a picture, a short Facebook post, or 140 characters on Twitter.  Sometimes long form is just the best way to connect, even in this modern era of 15 second attention spans. I'd like to be able to speak at length on...
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