The Power of Community

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TL:DR - The motorsports community is filled with the most generous, caring, and supportive people you will ever meet in your life. This article speaks to some specific instances of people who have affected the life of myself and my family after my near-fatal accident in May 2021. I released a documentary about my accident called "Survival" in February of 2022 and it was passed around quickly throughout the ranks of the motorsport community. The support for the video and my message of safety has been overwhelmingly positive. Instructing, driving-legend, and all around awesome guy Ross Bentley saw it and...
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NASA Northeast Season Opener at NJMP

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Welcome to the first racing blog post of 2019!  On May 4th and 5th we found ourselves at NJMP Lightning with a whopping 10 cars signed up to race in ST2.  Season was sure to start off with a bang (a good one, hopefully) bringing lots of rookies and seasoned vets alike to the track.  I'll re-cap a couple small items since our last race at Watkins Glen before we get to the fresh stuff at NJMP. ...The Past 7 Months... After finishing second place in both races at WGI in September I got the car out two more times to...
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NJMP Thunder Bolt Race Recap

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I just learned what TL:DR means - “Too long, didn’t read.” I should probably throw those at the top of all my blog posts since they do tend to get a little wordy. So here goes. TL:DR - Raced at NJMP June 9-10 but terrible weather and wonky electronics led to bizarre race scenarios in which I was racing for nothing (or not at all). Car finally ran well at the end of the weekend and hopefully it will be fast from here on out. There. Now on to the full write up. June 4-5 I brought the car to...
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"If You Ain't First You're Last." - Reese Bobby

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April 15th marked the start of the NASA Northeast racing season at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Friday was a test and tune while Saturday and Sunday were the qualifying and sprint race days.  Having made a bunch of very serious suspension changes to the car over the winter I was really excited to get the car on track for the first time since October of 2015, where I lucked in to winning my first 2 races.  Apprehension was added due to the fact that I picked the car up from the shop on my way down to NJMP on Thursday...
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