TL:DR - I always wrote off those silly gas pedal extensions as tools for old guys who couldn't figure out how to heel/toe. That or they were for waxers who wanted to dress up their interior - right after they got done air brushing a mural on the underside of their hood.  Once I made one to accommodate my brother in my own car I realized there's an actual verifiable performance advantage on track.   Pedal Placement The Corvette engineers did many things right when they scrapped the C4 for the completely redesigned C5 in 1997.  One thing they could have considered...
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How to set a track record at Limerock

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TL:DR - Raced with NASA Northeast at Limerock on July 12 and 13.  I won both races Saturday and Sunday, set an ST2 track record, and won TTU both days by over a second.  I was somewhere around 5 seconds faster this year than I was 2 years ago.  Here's how I did it. "#Winning" - Charlie Sheen This is the second version of this blog entry. I just hit "delete" on a couple hours of work which was going to be my typical too-long race recap from the NASA event at Limerock from July 2019. I started writing blogs about...
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