TL:DR - I never had a huge desire to go to New York Safety Track until I saw videos of some fast laps of the place on YouTube.  From what I could glean from some rather shaky videos the standing car record of 1:28.92 set by a Viper ACR could be improved upon.  It's not a horsepower track and I figured with a little less weight, in spite of a nearly 250hp deficit, I could probably get the job done.  It took two tries, but on the second attempt I nabbed the record with a 1:27.81 lap.  Here's the story. And here's...
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How to set a track record at Limerock

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TL:DR - Raced with NASA Northeast at Limerock on July 12 and 13.  I won both races Saturday and Sunday, set an ST2 track record, and won TTU both days by over a second.  I was somewhere around 5 seconds faster this year than I was 2 years ago.  Here's how I did it. "#Winning" - Charlie Sheen This is the second version of this blog entry. I just hit "delete" on a couple hours of work which was going to be my typical too-long race recap from the NASA event at Limerock from July 2019. I started writing blogs about...
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