AMT Motorsport is proud to be added as the newest full service dealer for Finspeed Wheels based out of Austin, Texas.  Finspeed offers the finest traditionally forged monoblock motorsport wheels by utilizing only the best American materials and craftsmanship.  Their product and process aligns itself perfectly with the offerings of AMT Motorsport. The entire Finspeed product line will now be available thru AMT and for all vehicles.


Why Finspeed?

There are hundreds of wheel manufacturers out there.  It's not difficult to become a dealer for many of them and many companies like ours are happy to offer whatever product is available with the highest margins that will most benefit their bottom line.  We at AMT hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We won't sell anything that we wouldn't run on our own race car.  Finspeed has been known throughout the industry to offer wheels that are engineered for your car - not just modified to fit your car. 

So when Finspeed approached AMT to become a dealer at the end of 2018, we were excited to learn more about the opportunity.  We're proud to announce that we are now a full service dealer for all Finspeed Wheels.


Why AMT?

As a 'Full Service' Dealer for Finspeed, we have dedicated the necessary time and training to be sure that your set of fully custom wheels are delivered to your exact specifications.  You'll need someone to help guide you through the myriad of wheel models, sizes, offsets, options, and finishing choices to fit your car and your intended use.  Want to go 2" wider on the rear of your Nissan GTR and not sure if you they're going to fit? We can help with that. The prices on our website will show you what you can expect to spend on your wheels and options, but no one should be putting $5000 wheels in their cart and clicking "Buy." The prices are a way to start the conversation about your needs. An e-mail or even a good ol' fashioned phone call will be required to complete your order and payment will come only after you've approved a custom invoice.


Why are traditionally forged monoblock wheels so expensive!?

Of the many buzzwords used in the industry “spin forged” and “rotary forged” have become the most overused. The significance of the word “forged” has become diluted and pricing among “forged” wheels can vary from a few hundred dollars to over $2000 per wheel. The critical difference is in the material and the process. A traditionally forged monoblock wheel starts out with a material cost that is typically higher than the retail price of a “rotary forged” or “flow forged” wheel. These wheels are often cast flow-formed and made overseas. They are not forged in the traditional sense of the word where heat and hydraulic pressure create a raw forging with extremely dense material and a realigned grain structure. The forgings used for Finspeed wheels come out of the same plant as forgings for fighter aircraft, the space shuttle, and many other high-end aerospace parts. This gives the buyer assurance that the raw material is of the absolute highest quality.

AMT was founded on the principle that we will make the best parts available for racing Corvettes. Our parts are designed in the US, made with American materials, on American machines, by American machinists. Finspeed has built their company on the same principles as AMT.  Finspeed's forgings are sourced from APP in California and are then engineered, machined, and finished under one roof in Austin, Texas. Every surface on these forgings is machined on modern CNC equipment to make the wheels as beautiful as they are functional.  After machining the wheels are finished in-house with the finishing options of your choice. 

There are a lot of companies making high end boutique 'forged' wheels in the US.  The biggest thing that sets Finspeed apart from the rest is that all their wheels are designed and tested with motorsport in mind. That means that these wheels are designed to handle the loads and forces with an actual racing slick on a racing surface and with your vehicles weight, characteristics, and usage in mind. In addition to utilizing stringent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with ANSYS software, the wheels are certified at Standard Laboratories in Ohio using racing slicks instead of a street tire. A street tire will never transmit the full force of a test load to the wheel.

Finspeed's approach to design, manufacturing, and testing mean they make the strongest and lightest wheel available.  If you're looking for an inexpensive and fun looking wheel to show off at your local car show then this is probably not the wheel for you. If you want the strongest, lightest motorsport wheel that is going to withstand years of abuse on the racetrack, then we hope you'll consider Finspeed and AMT.

Stay tuned for more blog posts outlining specifics of the manufacturing process and options available from Finspeed.  We'll be taking delivery of our own set of F110 wheels in Gold so you'd best believe a full write up will be coming soon. In the meantime follow this link to start building your custom set of Finspeed Wheels!