Hey All,

Just a quick heads up that Mark will be heading down to Daytona Beach next week to be the featured guest on the Grassroots Motorsports GRM Live! show with JG Pasterjak.  Grassroots Motorsports has purchased a C5 Z06 to build into a rather sick track car, and we're honored to partner with GRM to help make their Corvette as fast as possible.

GRM is so far running our C5 Adjustable Camber Kit, Upper Control Arm Stud Kit, and our Monoball Control Arm Bushing kit.  The program is about an hour long and in that time we'll be discussing various AMT Motorsport parts and we'll be installing the control arms on one corner of the car. We'll also talk extensively about all the different steps and processes that go into the production and installation of our monoball control arm bushing kit.  I think when you see all the time and thought that goes into these babies you'll be convinced that our monoball kit is the best available for your C5, C6, or C7 Corvette.

The show is available to view on their YouTube and Facebook channels.  I'd recommend that you watch it on Facebook as you'll be able to ask questions in real time and we'll try and spend as much time as we can answering them.  To view on Facebook follow this link to the Grassroots Motorsports Facebook page. On the left hand side of the screen about 5 menus down you should see "Videos" which should take you to the Live broadcast just before 9PM EST on Wednesday April 4th,.

If you'd prefer to view on YouTube you can click here to be taken directly to their YouTube Channel where it will pop right up once it's about to go live.  Don't think you'll be able to ask real time questions through YouTube however.

We're also wrapping up a video highlighting all aspects of our Monoball Control Arm Bushing kit.  Just need to finish up the last bit of footage and record some voice overs.  Once that's done we'll get it up on YouTube and cover the whole thing in a very indepth and informative Blog Post.  If you've ever wanted to know the nitty gritty of every little thing about Corvette monoball kits, that post will be for you.

Thanks all for reading and don't forget to tune in to GRM Live! Wednesday April 4th  at 9PM EST.  Happy Easter to you all!!